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HECYK YEA by sneshy HECYK YEA by sneshy
i felt like drawing some old ocs oh my god
everyones hella queer bc what else do you expect of me

xoey likes dressing in really frilly doll-like clothing and she also collects/makes dolls (she's supposed to have a stereotypical doll-like appearance) she also likes occult-esque things and secretly (not really) loves vampires
she compares herself to ~carmilla the vampire~ she also very short. ppl mistake her for a kid all the time and it upsets her honestly shes just a little shit most of the time
shes in a relationship w/ nythana
a homoromantic pansexual probably

nythana is pretty tall!! shes also really interested by oddities, like anything thats strange/abnormal/etc and she works at an oddity shop that sells all kinds of weird things that you won't find at a regular store
shes probably the most composed of the four and usually gives off an air of maturity but shes really just a big nerd
she has to deal with xoeys height complex all the time bc theyre dating but thats ok because shes incredibly enamored of her
panromantic pansexual who's staunchly monogamous (she'll only like one person at a time, nevr gonna give u up nvr gonna let you down)

carmen is a huge rule-stickler who always tries to enforce rules!!! she will yell at you if you dont
and get very angry
ppl compare her to an angry dog which is why she has the nickname chewy much to her dismay
she's also sooo far in the closet she just doesnt,, accept how gay she is (not yet)
she has this complicated thing w/ diana going on
homoromantic homosexual yeha

diana is a real hardcore rulebreaker (jk she just doesnt abide her schools dresscode most of the time and she also drinks occasionally)
she's actually very well educated and knows several languages! shes also really interested w/ pirates and sailing and wants to travel the world one day
she unfortunately has a complicated relationship with her dad though
shes pretty well known at school for being friends w/ the girl who came to school shirtless once some ppl think theyre dating too but her friends already got a gfrond and theyre actually cousins so thats not a thing
carmen specifically yells at her a lot for some carmen
biromantic bisexual who prefers gals

sadegg Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
the one thing they all have in common is that they are cuties
sneshy Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaaa im glad you think so oh my gosh :'^) thank u
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November 28, 2013
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