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HoM | Morgan Rhodes by sneshy HoM | Morgan Rhodes by sneshy
**vibratES** the art i n this is sooo awful ohh my god ill have to go back and edit things later 
i meant to do this earlier but ive been havin,, art probs
i think i'll add more stuff to this and make this nicer later? i'm having trouble typing this stuff out right now unfortunately


Name Morgan Rhodes
Nickname(s) N/A
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday October 11th

House Siren
Rank Adviser

stubborn/dedicated // shrewd // disciplined // emotionally immature // dogmatic // earnest

Morgan often gives off an air of maturity because of her upbringing. She's well educated due to all the private schools she's attended, and well disciplined to the point she hardly falls out of line. Despite her need for assurance from others, she often may come off as pompous, especially when she's reluctant to back down on her own ideology. She is, however, incredibly sincere and cares for the well-being of others. She often finds herself incapable in certain social situations due to not having formed many friendships, and because of that, to earn someone's approval she may try pampering them with gifts or doing tasks for them. When upset she is likely to react immaturely, often by throwing fits or running off so she doesn't have to deal with it. 


x shopping

x buying things for others

x the ocean

x old literature/shakespeare/plays 

x praise


x moving

x conflict

x adults

x failure

x ridicule


Morgan was born into an upper-class family of business people who were frequently away at work. Morgan didn't mind too much, seeing as she was accompanied by babysitters or nannies, but after a while there seemed to be an absence. Without much to do, she wasted time coloring in coloring books or watching tv or playing with toys. She had a few friends in preschool/elementary, but rarely could play with them because her parents weren't comfortable with her being out of reach.

Around the age of 8, her parents had to move elsewhere because of business. From then on moving wasn't an uncommon occurrence. They would move every 2 years or so to a new city, which would quickly sever friendships because letter exchanges never lasted long. Creating friendships always seemed to become more and more difficult for Morgan, and eventually she gave up trying, making her appear aloof and unsociable. 

When Morgan moved to Meansville, her parents assured her that this new town would be great for her and she'd make lots of friends and that they wouldn't be moving again any time soon. Morgan didn't believe them, of course, but that was inevitable at this point. She was in no way eager to go to a new school with new teachers and new students, but she wouldn't put up a struggle. Instead of bothering anymore, Morgan instead immersed herself into the world of written plays. Specifically, Shakespeare's work. More than anything, she adored the play Hamlet, which her last school had thoroughly taught. She found herself relating so closely to these kids who had problems with their parents, that she read it through and through.

When a scout approached Morgan and told her about the House of Myth, she was immediately interested. There was a place away from adults? Completely run by other kids, who were also escaping their parents? She would get a new friend? It wasn't an offer she could refuse!

Her status and money easily landed her in the Siren House, and she was so utterly thrilled to accept her token! When a sing-song voice emanated from her bookmark, and a mermaid like creature who was supposedly her spirit appeared, she was starstruck. Nothing seemed more fitting for her new friend than the name Ophelia. Morgan was sure. The sea-like beauty with flowers in her hair deserved nothing less.

Eager to be useful to this whimsical society, Morgan strived to earn the position of adviser and hone her own skills.

[- Morgan's history may be edited and fleshed out later -]


Name Ophelia
Gender Female
Elemental Ability

[- Suffocation/Water Manipulation -] Ophelia can manipulate water in the atmosphere and use it to make it feel as though her enemy is drowning to temporarily stun them. She is also intermediately skilled at manipulating water to bend to her own will. 

Weapon / Fighting Style

Ophelia uses a rapier taken from Morgan's home (it was previously being used for decoration). Image:…
She also may use her teeth or nails but she generally is not fond of doing that. 

fun-loving // carefree //  noncommittal // whimsical

Ophelia doesn't like troubling herself with rules. Instead, she most enjoys going off and doing whatever seems fun, or joking around with others. Unlike Morgan, she is far more likely to make empty promises and not go through with something unless it's for someone she truly cares about. She has a tendency to act capricious and is quick to move from one thing to another. 


Relations N/A

Other information
I'm gonna add some later wwwhhHH
for now please listen to… and… b/c these are obviously her anthems

Roleplay example
A sense of reassurance washed over Abner as the streets and sidewalks gradually became vacant. That was good to an extent, Abner noted, that meant there would be less witnesses when it came time to preform whatever task he would be assigned. He exhaled, closing his eyes momentarily before scolding himself to open them up and keep moving. He did. He kept moving for a good minute or so, actually, until he was startled by someone abruptly touching his shoulder. He stiffened up and tried his best to compose himself as he turned to look at the stranger, one hand lingering over a switchknife in his pocket. Abner's eyes looked over the empty sidewalk before glancing down at the girl who'd approached him. Wouldn't it have just been easier to talk? He grimaced. No, it didn't really matter. Either way he wasn't planning to escort anyone. It was especially shifty for her to be asking him at this time. No. He wasn't looking to walk into a setup. "Look, doll, I don't really have spare time to just walk around with some bim off the streets, aight? You'd be better off askin' someone else who ain't busy. I'm sure some other bird would just be dyin' to fuckin' walk you around town so why don't you shove off and ask them?" he replied without an attempt to sugarcoat his harsh words. So what if the streets were mostly empty? Some other chump could be left with this tiny tag-along.
i haven't rp'd in forever ohhh my god,, forgive me



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